Client’s Association Data

Association data for a client gets displayed when a network administrator observes a connection failure for a client that is trying to associate to an AP. Client’s Association Data displays the number of successful and failed associations that occur for a particular client. The association status can be displayed either in green color for successful ones or in red for the failed ones. Each association depends on the time frame that we provide with the macaddress of the client.

JSON Table

Attribute Data Type Description
successfullAssociations int Number of successfull association.
failedAssociations int Number of failed association.

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Sample JSON
   "successfullAssociations": 1195,
   "failedAssociations": 439
API Calls


Get Association Data for a Client

Description This API is used to fetch association data for a client.
Users with the following roles can call this API: super user, administrator, operator, and viewer.
GET <Base_URL>/devices/clients/statistics/associations?fromtime=<value>&totime=<value>&clientmacaddress=<value>


  • fromtime

    It is used to specify start time in epoch format. It takes an Integer value. The default value is -1.

  • totime

    It  is used to specify end time in epoch format. It takes an Integer value. The default value is -1.

  • clientmacaddress

    It is used to specify MAC address for a client. It takes String value. To fetch the appropriate clientmacaddress you can use Clients call.

Sample code
Request Body  This API call does not require any request body parameters.
Response Body If the API call is successful, the HTTP response status is 200.
The response body contains Client’s Association Data in the application/json format.