Client Average Latencies

The performance dashboard on the UI gives us a view of the performance analysis of the WIFI network by displaying the number of graphs and widgets for Client health and Client average latencies. Average Latency is the average time taken by the individual servers to respond in milliseconds. So, when we click, it displays the average latency time taken by the servers like DHCP, DNS, and AAA  for the clients on the selected floor or folder. Clicking on the latency we can view the baseline graph for that latency.

JSON Table

Attribute Data Type Description
averageDhcpLatency long DHCP latency in milliseconds
averageAaaLatency long AAA latency in milliseconds
averageDnsLatency long DNS Latency in milliseconds

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Sample JSON
API Calls


Get Average Latencies for a Client

Description This API is used to fetch the average DHCP, AAA and DNS latencies for a client.
Users with the following roles can call this API: super user, administrator, operator, and viewer.
GET <Base_URL> /devices/clients/statistics/averagelatencies?fromtime=<value>&totime=<value>&clientmacaddress=<value>


  • fromtime

    It is used to specify start time in epoch format. It takes an Integer value. The default value is -1.

  • totime

    It is used to specify end time in epoch format. It takes an Integer value. The default value is -1.

  • clientmacaddress

    It is used to specify the MAC address of a client. It takes String value.
    Refer Clients object for client macadress.

Sample code
Request Body This API call does not require any request body parameters.
Response Body If the API call is successful, the HTTP response status is 200.
The response body contains Average Latencies in the application/json format.