Event Management- Acknowledgement Trail

Acknowledgement Trail comes under the Events section to display its summary. To access it click + icon on the left of the event row which will open the AP or client details. Acknowledgement Trail specifies if the particular detected threat has been acknowledged or not, or if the vulnerability has been turned on/off. The whole trail of comments for this activity can be very well viewed.

API Calls


Get Acknowledgement Trail

Description Fetches the acknowledgments for the specified event from the Arista Server or the Arista Cloud Services.
Who Can Execute? Superuser, Administrator, Operator, and Viewer.
GET <Base_URL>/events/acknowledgementrail/{id}
  • id

    It is the ID of the event for which you want to fetch the acknowledgment.

  • locationId

    It is the value for this parameter specifies the location for which the acknowledgments for the specified event have to be fetched.

Sample code
GET  https://training.mojonetworks.com/new/webservice/v5/events/acknowledgementrail/1?locationid=2
Request Body This API call does not require any request body parameters.
Response Body If the API call is successful, the HTTP response status is 200.
The response body contains the acknowledgment trail fetched for the specified event.
Sample JSON
[[ "----- Acknowledgement Note Begin -----\nAdded To Vulnerablility --Note\n**Acknowledged by: System Superuser on Mar 10 2014, 02:37:27 PM (GMT +0530)\n----- Acknowledgement Note End -----" ]]