Application Usage

In CloudVision WiFi the data points in the Network Usage charts provide information on client activity and its application usage details. The API is used to fetch the historical data for these applications usages.

API Calls


Fetch Application Usage

Description The API is used to fetch application usage-historical data.
Who Can Execute? Superuser, Administrator, Operator, and Viewer.
GET <Base_URL>/devices/applicationusage/{timestamp}=<value>?startindex=<value>
  • timestamp

    Specifies the time in epoch format, for which the application usage is to be fetched.

  • startindex

    An integer value indicating the start index for the data to be fetched. It is a mandatory parameter. The default value is 0.

  • pagesize

    An integer value indicating the end index for the data to be fetched.
    The maximum page size is 1000. It is a mandatory parameter.

  • sortcolumn

    An optional parameter used to sort the columns. It takes a string value. The default value is boxId.

  • sortascending

    Is used to sort requested data in ascending order. By default, the sort is descending.
    It takes a boolean value.

  • filters

    Is used to filter the results. Click Filter to view details of how filters need to be specified in the URL.
    For possible names of property attribute, datatypes, applicable values and whether the results can be sorted based on the parameter click Application Usage Filter

  • totalcountrequired
Sample code
Request Body This API call does not require any request body parameters.
Response Body If the API call is successful, the HTTP response status is 200.
The response body contains historical data for the application usage. The response is in the application/json format.
JSON Table

Attribute Data Type Description
count int The total number of records.
results application/json
results/clientConnection application/json Details of the connections a client made with our managed device(s) in the snapshot of 15 mins duration.
results/clientConnection/clientSnapshot application/json Details of a client for in the snapshot of 15 mins duration.
results/clientConnection/clientSnapshot/macaddress String Macaddress of the client.
results/clientConnection/clientSnapshot/timestamp long Timestamp of the snapshot.
results/clientConnection/clientSnapshot/os String Operating system of the client’s device.
results/clientConnection/clientSnapshot/upDownSince long Timestamp in milliseconds since the client active status changed.
results/clientConnection/clientSnapshot/firstDetectedAt long Timestamp in milliseconds when the client was first detected.
results/clientConnection/clientSnapshot/googleAuthorizationStatus String
results/clientConnection/clientSnapshot/vendor String
results/clientConnection/clientSnapshot/smartDeviceType String
results/clientConnection/clientSnapshot/name String Clienrt device name.
results/clientConnection/clientSnapshot/username String
results/clientConnection/clientSnapshot/capability int Client wireless protocol capability like 11ac/11n etc.
results/clientConnection/protocol String Client wireless protocol capability like 11ac/11n etc.
results/clientConnection/rssi int WiFi signal strength available to a client.
results/clientConnection/averageDataRate int Average data transfer rate over the WiFi connection.
results/clientConnection/channel int WiFi channel used for communication.
results/clientConnection/associatedApMac String Macaddress of an AP  the client is associated with.
results/clientConnection/ssid String SSID the client is associated with.
results/clientConnection/upLinkData int Up link data transfered.
results/clientConnection/downLinkData int Downlink link data transfered.
results/clientConnection/locationId application/json The ID of the Location the client is tagged to. To retrieve the value for location id refer Location
results/clientConnection/failureCodes int Association or connection failure codes.
results/clientConnection/lastFailureTime long Timestamp in milliseconds since the last time a client connection failed.
results/clientConnection/dhcpLatency int DHCP latency.
results/clientConnection/dnsLatency int DNS latency.
results/clientConnection/aaaLatency int AAA latency.
results/clientConnection/wanLatency int WAN latency.
results/clientConnection/wanWiredLatency int WAL latency over wire.
results/clientConnection/wanWirelessLatency int WAL latency over wireless network.
results/clientConnection/ownSensorBoxId int Box id of the managed device the client is associated with.
results/clientConnection/connectivityFlag int Bitwise variable that denotes the connectivity issues of the client
results/clientConnection/performanceFlag int Biwise variable that denotes the preformance issues of the client
results/clientConnection/associatedApName String Name of the AP client associated with.
results/clientConnection/upLinkDataRate int Rate of data transfer up link.
results/clientConnection/downLinkDataRate int Rate of data transfer down link.
results/clientConnection/retryRate float Rate of reconection attempts.
results/clientConnection/failureCount int Number of connectivity or association failures.
results/clientConnection/successCount int Number of successfull connections.
results/clientConnection/poorPerformanceReasons String Reason for poor wifi performance.
results/clientConnection/locationName String Name of the location, Client is tagged to.
results/clientConnection/ip String IpV4 address of the client.
results/clientConnection/ipV6 String IpV6 address of the client.
results/clientConnection/sticky boolean A true or false value indicating, is client sticking to existing connection over new better signal stregth or not.
results/totalVoipTimeInSeconds long Total VOIP session time in seconds.
results/badVoipTimeInSeconds long Bad VOIP time in seconds.
results/averageJitterUp int Average jitter up while using a VOIP application.
results/averageJitterDown int Average jitter down while using a VOIP application.
results/appFlag int Biwise variable that denotes the issues in client’s VOIP application sessions.
results/locationId application/json Id of the Location under which the results are returned. To retrieve the value for location id refer Location
pagingSessionId int For pagination, this session id should be used to keep the context between 2 paging requests.

Sample JSON
	"count": 1,
	"results": [{
		"clientConnection": {
			"clientSnapshot": {
				"macaddress": "DC:53:60:77:9B:65",
				"timestamp": 1553059800000,
				"os": "Microsoft Windows 10",
				"role": "--",
				"upDownSince": 1553055819000,
				"firstDetectedAt": 1460520359000,
				"googleAuthorizationStatus": "NOT_AVAILABLE",
				"vendor": "Intel-Corporate",
				"smartDeviceType": "NOT_A_SMART_DEVICE",
				"name": "LAP-479",
				"username": "sandeepm",
				"capability": 3
			"protocol": "A",
			"rssi": -49,
			"averageDataRate": 302010,
			"channel": 149,
			"associatedApMac": "00:11:74:F2:20:9F",
			"ssid": "Spectrum-a",
			"upLinkData": 5956,
			"downLinkData": 240137,
			"locationId": {
				"type": "locallocationid",
				"id": 3
			"failureCodes": null,
			"lastFailureTime": null,
			"dhcpLatency": null,
			"dnsLatency": null,
			"aaaLatency": null,
			"wanLatency": 50,
			"wanWiredLatency": 46,
			"wanWirelessLatency": 4,
			"ownSensorBoxId": 967,
			"connectivityFlag": null,
			"performanceFlag": 6,
			"associatedApName": "C120_Beta_F2:20:9F-Near Conf room",
			"upLinkDataRate": 290166,
			"downLinkDataRate": 302315,
			"retryRate": 0.98,
			"failureCount": null,
			"successCount": null,
			"poorPerformanceReasons": [],
			"locationName": "Beta",
			"ip": "",
			"ipV6": null,
			"sticky": false,
			"dhcpServerIp": null,
			"dnsServerIp": null,
			"aaaServerIp": null
		"totalVoipTimeInSeconds": 900,
		"badVoipTimeInSeconds": 270,
		"percentagePoorAppExperience": 30.0,
		"averageJitterUp": 1271,
		"averageJitterDown": 819974,
		"appFlag": 7,
		"applicationId": 1181,
		"averageBitRateUp": 17821,
		"averageBitRateDown": 1875313,
		"locationId": {
			"type": "locallocationid",
			"id": 3
	"pagingSessionId": null