Fetch Services

Launchpad comprises of all the services that we use like Wireless Manager, Guest Manager, apps like Aware, Canvas, Packets, Nano, and options like the Support portal, Arista WiFi Learning Portal and WiFi Device Registration. The Fetch Services call provides a list of services availed to the logged in user.

API Calls


Fetch Services

Description Provides a list of services availed to the user.
Who Can Execute? Any user can execute this API call.
GET <Base_URL>/services?type=<value>
  • type

    A string value indicating service type. It is an optional query parameter.  Possible values are:

    • amc: returns all WM services of a user.
    • gms: returns all GM services of a user.
    • wizshark: returns all Mojo Packets services of a user.
    • wizshark: returns all Mojo Packets services of a user.
    • cpp: returns all CPP services of a user.
    • cluster_manager: returns all Cluster Manager services of a user.
    • ops_insight: returns all ops insight services of a user.
Sample code
GET https://dashboard.mojonetworks.com/rest/api/v2/services?type=amc
Request Body This API call does not require any request body parameters.
Response Body If the API call is successful, the HTTP response status is 200.
The response body contains all the services of the user in the application/json format.
JSON Table

Attribute Data Type Description
success boolean A true or false value indicating, whether the API call is successful or not. True indicates
message String A message string representing success or failure status of the API call.
data application/
A JSON object for the API status message.
data/totalCount int Total number of services present in response.
data/customerServices application/
data/customerServices/id int Customer Service ID.
data/customerServices/customer_service_name String Name of customer.
data/customerServices/show_tile boolean A true or false value indicating whether tile
to be shown on MLP
UI or not.
data/customerServices/parent_id int Parent ID of the service. Null if no
parent server is
associated with server
data/customerServices/service_activity_schedules A schedule in which service will be under
maintenance or
int The order in which it should be displayed on
int Service ID of a service.
data/customerServices/service/service_url String Service URL of a service.
data/customerServices/service/service_type_id int Service type ID of a service.

Sample JSON
    "success": true,
    "message": "Record(s) Found",
    "data": {
        "totalCount": 2,
        "customerServices": [
                "id": 2693582,
                "customer_service_name": "Guest Manager",
                "show_tile": true,
                "service": {
                    "service_id": 78,
                    "service_url": "https://mgm-at21001.mojonetworks.com",
                    "service_type_id": 3
                "id": 2722983,
                "customer_service_name": "Wireless Manager",
                "show_tile": true,
                "service": {
                    "service_id": 227,
                    "service_url": "https://amc-at11009.mojonetworks.com",
                    "service_type_id": 2