Fetch Tunnel List

The API fetches the list of active and inactive tunnels across all connected APs, along with their detailed information. If AP is not connected, its tunnel status will not be included.

API Calls


Fetch Tunnel List

Description Fetches tunnel list along with their detailed info.
Who Can Execute? Superuser, Administrator, Operator, and Viewer.
GET <Base_URL>/networks/tunnels?locationid=<value>&nodeid=<value>&filter=<value>&pagesize=<value>&startindex=<value>&sortcolumn=<value>&sortascending=<value>
  • locationid

    Is used to specify Location on which list of all the available tunnels has to be fetched. It takes an integer value. If not specified the user’s first allowed location will be used. To retrieve the value for location Id refer Location call.

  • nodeid

    Is used to specify child node id if the location belongs to the child server. It takes an integer value.

  • filter

    An optional parameter to filter the results. Click Filter to view details of how filters need to be specified in the URL. For possible names of property attribute, datatypes, applicable values, and whether the results can be sorted based on the parameter click Network Tunnel Filter Parameters.

  • pagesize

    An integer value indicating the end index for the list of records to be fetched.
    The maximum page size is 1000. The default value is 10.

  • startindex

    An integer value indicating the start index for the list of records to be fetched. The default value is 0.

  • sortcolumn

    An optional parameter used to sort the columns. It takes a string value. The default sort is applicable on networkProfileId and deviceMacaddress.

  • sortascending

    An optional parameter used to specify sort direction. It takes a boolean value. The default value is true.

Sample code
Request Body This API call does not require any request body parameters.
Response Body If the API call is successful, the HTTP response status is 200.
The response body contains the network tunnel list. The response is in the application/json format.
JSON Table

Attribute Data Type Description
tunnels application/json
tunnels/deviceName String
tunnels/macaddress String
tunnels/networkProfileId long
tunnels/networkProfileName String
tunnels/tunnelType enum Possible values are,

tunnels/remoteEndPoint String
tunnels/endpointType enum Possible values are,

tunnels/ssids String
tunnels/status enum  Possible values are,

  • UP
  • DOWN
tunnels/upDownSince long

Sample JSON
  "tunnels": [
      "deviceName": "Mojo_F2:1F:3F",
      "macaddress": "00:11:74:F2:1F:3F",
      "networkProfileId": 1,
      "networkProfileName": "Nw_profiles",
      "tunnelType": "ETHERNET_OVER_GRE",
      "remoteEndPoint": "",
      "endpointType": "PRIMARY",
      "ssids": "Test_SSID1, Test_SSID2",
      "status": "DOWN",
      "upDownSince": 1525870685000

  "previousLink": null,
  "nextLink": "",
  "totalCount": 10