Key Validation Service

Arista Cloud provides support for a Key Validation Service (KVS). With KVS support, Arista Cloud users can generate key-value pairs in Launchpad and assign appropriate service privileges on this key-value pair. This key-value pair can then be used to access the Launchpad, Wireless Manager, and Guest Manager services through REST APIs and perform various actions.

IMPORTANT! The key-value pair can be exclusively used to log in and access the services through APIs only.

KVS support is applicable only for Arista Cloud users. The following image illustrates the flow of request and response of API calls when using a key-value pair for authentication.

Before you begin using the Arista REST APIs, you must create a key and assign privileges to the key on various Arista services.

  1. Create a key in Launchpad. You need Administrator privileges on Launchpad to create a key.
  2. Assign appropriate privileges to the key for each of the Arista services that can be accessed using the key.
  3. Log into the service using the key and perform actions. The privileges assigned to the key determine which actions can be performed in the service using the key.

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