Managed Devices Filter

The following table list the managed devices filter parameters that can be used in the respective API calls. The Filter Parameters Name column lists the filter names to be used in the API call. These parameters map to the Client JSON attributes mentioned in the JSON attributes column. The column data type contains the appropriate data type for the filter parameters along with the applicable values if any. The Searchable and Sortable column, state whether the filter parameters are searchable and sortable. The value yes in these columns state them as searchable and sortable respectively.

JSON Table

Filter Parameter Name Data Type Searchable Sortable JSON Attributes
boxid int Yes Yes boxId
name String Yes Yes name
macaddress String Yes Yes macaddress
devicemode String Yes Yes deviceMode
templatename String Yes Yes templateName
model String Yes Yes model
placed boolean Yes Yes placed
softwareversion String Yes Yes softwareVersion
capability List of integers
The applicable values are:

  • 1 – 802.11n
  • 32 – AP
  • 33 – 802.11n, AP
  • 64 – 802.11ac
  • 65 – 802.11nac
  • 96 – 802.11ac, AP
  • 97 – 802.11n/ac, AP
Yes Yes capability
platformid int Yes Yes platformId
meshenabled boolean Yes Yes meshEnabled
failsafemode boolean Yes Yes failSafeMode
devicenote String Yes Yes deviceNote
ipaddress List of strings Yes Yes ipAddress
active boolean Yes Yes active
upgradestatus List of integers.
Possible values are:

  • 1 -Upgrade in progress
  • 2 – Upgrade failed
  • 3- Upgrade pending
  • 4 – Upgrade is required
  • 7 – Repair in progress
  • 8 – Repair failed
  • 9 – Repair pending
  • 10 – Repair required
  • 11 – Sensor upgrade via manager
  • 12 – Sensor is of a future version
  • 21 – Sensor is down
  • 22 – Sensor is up
  • 24 – Invalid state
Yes Yes upgradeStatus
upsincetimefilter int Yes Yes upSince
spectrumanalysisstate int Yes Yes spectrumAnalysisState
quarantinestatus String
The applicable values are:

Yes Yes quarantineStatus
retry int
troubleshootingstatus Yes Yes troubleshootingStatus
txpower int Yes No txPower
upstream int Yes No upstreamUsage
powersource enum Possible values are:

  • POE
  • DC
Yes Yes powerSource