Radius Plugin Configuration

Radius Plugin enables the user with username and password to configure the network by providing the details on RADIUS server. Then the server authenticates the details and messages the AP for successful login. Radius plugin authorization can only be done by the administrator. You can just click on portals, enter the portal name and get it configured.

JSON Table

Attribute Data Type Description Default/Sample value
success boolean  Specifies whether the API call is successful or not. true
message String  A message string indicating whether the API call is successful. Record Found
data application/json  A JSON object including the plug-in data.
data/totalCount int  Total number of data points. 1
data/radiusConfig  application/json
data/radiusConfig/pid  int  Plugin ID.  8
data/radiusConfig/session_timeout  Tenure for whcih session will be active.
data/radiusConfig/blackout_time  Tenure for which user can not login after logging out.
data/radiusConfig/bandwidth_upload_limit  Bandwidth upload limit per user after login.
data/radiusConfig/bandwidth_download_limit  Bandwidth download limit per user after login.
data/radiusConfig/redirect_landing_url  User lands on this url after successful login.
data/radiusConfig/redirect_endpoint_id  User will be redirected to this thirdparty endpoint with data configured after login. 3
data/radiusConfig/redirect_type redirect_landing_url
data/radiusConfig/date_created  Date on which radiu plug-in created. 2017-09-12 10:49:16.618339
data/radiusConfig/date_modified  Date on which foursquare config modified. 2018-02-07 08:41:10.892205

Copy Sample JSON
Sample JSON
    "success": true,
    "message": "Record Found",
    "data": {
        "totalCount": 1,
        "radiusConfig": {
            "pid": 8,
            "session_timeout": null,
            "blackout_time": null,
            "bandwidth_upload_limit": null,
            "bandwidth_download_limit": null,
            "redirect_landing_url": null,
            "redirect_endpoint_id": 3,
            "redirect_campaign_id": null,
            "redirect_type": "redirect_landing_url",
            "date_created": "2017-09-12 10:49:16.618339",
            "date_modified": "2018-02-07 08:41:10.892205",
            "campaign": null
API Calls


Get Radius Plugin Configuration

GET <Base_URL>/portals/${pid}/radius/config


  • pid

    It is the unique system generated portal ID. It takes integer

Sample code
Request Body This API call does not require any request body parameters.
Response Body If the API call is successful, the HTTP response status is 200. The response
body contains the