Recently Probed SSIDs

Recently probed SSIDs are the ones that are the operating SSIDs of the AP with which client is associated. The call gives the details of the probed SSID type, if hotspot connection is valid and if it is vulnerable to attacks.

JSON Table

Attribute Data Type Description
hotspot Boolean A true or false value indicates whether the SSID is hotspot.
ssid String Name of SSID.
vulnerable Boolean A true or false value indicates whether the SSID is vulnerable or not.

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Sample JSON
   "hotspot": false,
   "ssid": "Spectrum",
   "vulnerable": false
      "hotspot": false,
      "ssid": "Spectrum-a",
      "vulnerable": false
API Calls


Get Recently Probed SSIDs

Description This API is used to fetch recently probed ssids by a client.
Users with the following roles can call this API: super user, administrator, operator, and viewer.
GET <Base_URL>/devices/clients/{boxid}/recentlyprobedssids?boxid=<value>


  • boxid

    It is used to specify the client box ID. It takes an Integer value. To retrieve the appropriate boxid refer Clients .

Sample code
Request Body  This API call does not require any request body parameters.
Response Body If the API call is successful, the HTTP response status is 200.
The response body contains recently associated probed ssids to a client in the application/json format.