Sensor Debug Log History

This specifies the debug log history for the specified MAC address. The debug history depends on the system MAC address. This can be accessed from sensor tab–> actions.

JSON Table

Parameter Data Type Description
sessionId int System generated ID to identify sensor debug log session.
sensorMacaddress String 48 bit sensor MAC address.
userId int System generated user ID.
state String Current state of sensor debug log session. Possible values are:

startTime long Session start time in number of milliseconds.
endTime long Session endtime in number of milliseconds
fileName String System generated sensor debug log filename.
acknowledged boolean Boolean value represents whether sensor debug log results are downloaded
previously or not.
fileSize long Sensor debug log file size in bytes
locationId application/json Location information where debug logs are generated. The value
is of the type Location ID

Copy Sample JSON
Sample JSON
    "sessionId": 3,
    "sensorMacaddress": "00:11:74:A3:B0:5F",
    "userId": 1,
    "state": "STOPPED",
    "startTime": 1480071735903,
    "endTime": 1480071758329,
    "fileName": "Sensor-logs-00_11_74_A3_B0_5F-20161125110215903761.tgz",
    "acknowledged": false,
    "fileSize": 102914,
    "locationId": {
      "type": "locallocationid",
      "id": 0
API Calls


Get Sensor Debug Log History

Description This API is used to fetch sensor debug log history.
Users with the following roles can call this API: super user, administrator, operator, and viewer.
GET <Base_URL>/devices/sensors/debuglogs/history/{macAddress}


  • macAddress

    It is used to specify the mac address of sensor. It takes up integer value.

Sample code
Request Body This API call does not require any request body parameters.
Response Body If the API call is successful, the HTTP response status is 200.
The response body contains the sensor debug log history.
The response is in the application/json format